Our Missionaries

We believe in coming alongside those who become our hands and feet of Jesus. Please take time to pray and support our missionaries, both local and abroad.

  • Community Life Centre


    Free children's clothing and other items for Petrolia families and surrounding communities, no strings attached. 

    If you would like to make a clothing donation, please drop them off anytime at the donation box outside the first door of the CLC building., 421 Oozloffsky St. Petrolia.  It is to the left of the main New Life Assembly building.

    Please send a message on FACEBOOK to encourage the team

  • Ed & Natasha Dickson


    Twenty-five years ago Ed started helping children with special needs in a Ukrainian orphanage that people called, "The place that God forgot". Today he's the crazy-happy guy watching one of those amazing kids, Anton (who is a Paralympic medal winner!!!) getting his inspiring story filmed for German TV!



    Caring for the orphans and the widows found not only in the orphanages and seniors homes--those are the easy ones--but also on the streets, in the dumps and on the heat pipes around the city. A little amount of money can make such a difference in people's lives here! We have child sponsorships available.  Check out our latest news on www.actofkindness.blogspot.com



    Mark and his wife, Val, have pastored for 38 years in PAOC churches in Western Ontario: Petrolia, Huntsville, Barrie and at Parkwood in Windsor for almost 23 years. Mark has recently been appointed as the Regional Director for Latin America and Caribbean, which means they serve the Global Workers in this region, connect them with national partners and serve the PAOC’s Global vision to reach, plant, equip and care. They presently have Global Workers in 15 countries and plan to expand their missions reach wherever needed.



    Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes. 

                                                                                                                  -David Platt


    Rick and Lisa have seen the trauma of children being separated from their parents. "Even in cases of the worst kind of abuse, the child suffers that loss. When they are taken into a kind and loving environment it lessens the pain, but even then the child hurts in ways that most of us cannot fathom. Sometimes it is done for the good of the child and even though they cannot understand it, eventually they get it. But the pain is still there. Always will be. You only need to look into those little eyes one time and you will understand. We should always think of what is best for the child in every situation."  


    South america, Central Asia, Ghana, Canada

    Possibilities International exists to help fulfill the simple dreams of the hurting, helpless and hopeless by raising up a nation of everyday philanthropists. It is a Canadian Registered Charity founded by our Lead Pastor Sam Welten that impacts lives in many countries, including Ghana, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ghana, Mexico, St. Vincent and Central Asia

    We believe that everyone can be a philanthropist and that you don't have to be a millionaire to make a difference.  www.iam1ru.com

    Edgar Gamboa- Guatemala & Innovating Dreamers School:

    "Enjoying our Christmas Dinner with our Innovating Dreamers School staff and, also had the joy of sharing some of our food with the less fortunate in the area. Our Heavenly Father and His son our Lord Jesus Christ are so good and kind to us. Thank you so much to our sponsors and everyone who is part of this awesome Work/Dream. Also thank you so much to PI/Sam Welten for your special love/blessing to our IDS staff. God bless you all!"



    ERDO is a founding member of the Canadian Food Grains Bank (CFGB).  We have joined with 30 Canadian church denominations and church-based agencies working together to pool resources, bringing a Christian response to bring food relief and food security around the world.

    This project's impact has the potential to be multiplied with matching funds available through Global Affairs Canada (GAC)! www.erdo.ca



    Each month, the non-perishable food donations put in the bin located in our front lobby is sent to our local Food Bank. Their shelves continuously need to be replenished and as a church, we encourage families to keep them in mind during one of your grocery adventures each month. 

    We also support 'Christmas For Everyone', a community Christmas hamper program serves over 400 families in Lambton County (excluding Sarnia). This is a great way you can be part of the hilarious generosity that Pastor Sam encourages, as we connect with and love our community! contact them at petroliafoodbank@gmail.com



    The Gideons have a Canadian ministry as well as Global initiatives intended to ignite and fuel a passion in people's hearts to share the gospel — training and equipping them, as a community of believers, to effectively introduce people to Jesus through God's Word. 

    They help people reach our communities for Christ and have a goal to enable God's Word to be placed and at work in every country of the world, so that every person has ready access to God’s Word, that they may come to know Jesus Christ as personal Saviour and Lord.


    belgium, europe

    Investing their lives in Europe, Eileen and David Courey work through a Pentecostal, Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels and a Protestant, Evangelical Theological Faculty in Leuven. They are passionate about ReforMISSION Europe--raising up 'NextGen' leaders for changing churches in a thoroughly secular society

  • Dave & Laurie Lane


    After working for years in church youth ministry right here in the Sarnia-Lambton area, Dave has brought his passion to see students thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually to his job as a Ministry Director for Youth For Christ. He is dedicated to relational evangelism and discipleship of youth, seeing young people have the opportunity to become a follower of Jesus Christ and become a part of a local church. yfcsarnia-lambton.com

  • Kathy Mizen


    My God inspired leap of faith. I have served in Honduras since 2014 as the Director of Schools of Hope. I am a global worker with the PAOC and love the people and nation of Honduras. Our vision is to bring lasting hope and share God's purposes and plans with the schools and surrounding communities within school district 8, of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

     Schools of Hope Honduras Schools of Hope Honduras aims to reinsert children into the school system and encourage those who are registered to complete their education through the tutoring program. Thus prevent minors from emigrating in migrant caravans.  Child sponsorship is available. kmizen@paoc.org

  • Wayne and Ann Hilsden

    Jerusalem, Israel 

    From my Jerusalem perspective, I share bible-based thoughts to encourage and challenge -- mostly in bite-sized chunks. Hope you enjoy!

    Peace isn't the ABSENCE of PROBLEMS, but the ASSURANCE of God's PRESENCE.wayne@firm.org.il