What's your next step?


Maybe you're exploring what this Christian life is all about? 

Maybe your wanting to start serving in a particular area?

We would love to be part of your journey,  whether it is searching, or serving, or learning to follow Jesus better.  There is purpose in your life far greater than getting stuck in the grind of life. God wants you to know Him, to love Him, to live for Him and to realize He has plans for your life. It isn't boring, fake, or irrelevant to be a follower of Jesus. There is MORE!


If you would like to talk or have help figuring out what your Next Step is in your journey

please contact us and let us help you, or check out the resources below.


Get to know the heartbeat of New Life Assembly and discover how you are part of the plan for God to reach this world. This will be offered every Spring and Fall, and is held Sundays for four weeks, from 9:00am - 9:45am. The upcoming class begins November 3. It is a great opportunity for anyone who is new to New Life Assembly, or simply wants to get to know their God-given purpose for their lives.


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Become a Christian

Salvation is the most important moment in any person's life. God moves us from death to life in a moment of salvation. It may seem really complicated, but it is actually simple. 

Now it is your job to reach out to God and take the gift that is offered to you

If you are interested in taking this step, please let us know so we can celebrate with you!


Water baptism is something Christians have been doing for thousands of years to publicly declare they have put their faith in Christ. 

You may have been baptized as a child, but this time it's your choice.

Watch this teaching to understand baptism here at New Life Assembly better.

If you would like to get baptized at New Life Petrolia, please fill out this application:

Baptism Application

FAQ- Understanding Baptism


Children are a gift from God and parents have an amazing opportunity to make a public commitment before God, your church, and your family to lead and spiritually nurture your child with the help of the Holy Spirit. We will commit to helping you teach your child to love God and love others.

You can find upcoming dedications on our events page, or you can join our wait list and we will get you connected once registrations open for the next dedication service.

Child Dedication Form

Child Dedication- FAQ


If you are interested in becoming a member at New Life Assembly, take time to go through the following documents before filling out the Application.  We will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have!


Why Is Church Membership Important?

How Do I Become A Member of New Life Assembly?

I Still Have Questions

For information about what we believe and our church accountability, please read the following documents:

Local Church Constitution

Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths

Statement of Faith

New Life Assembly's 'By Faith' Statements


Membership Application

We are excited that you're exploring New Life Assembly and what we are all about. You are welcome to let us know more about you and your story, and we would be happy to have you meet with an NLA leader to answer any questions you may have.

We encourage you to start your journey with us by joining us in person or checking us out online.