the greatest mission

Because we believe in the call of Matthew 28:19 to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, we at New Life Assembly have formed strategic partnerships with global workers locally and abroad.  We obey the call of Jesus by giving, praying, and going. 


  • Possibilities International

    Pastor Sam Welten is the leader of this ministry that helps spread the love of Jesus by helping fulfill the simple dreams of the hurting, helpless, and hopeless by raising up a nation of everyday philanthropists. Possibilities International also specializes in short-term missions trips. Also, PI has a work force of 30 field personnel ("Dream Agents") who live on-location, full-time, in one of the 9 countries they are involved in. (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Guatemala, Ghana, Mexico, El Salvador, Canada)  

  • Community Life Centre

    The Community Life Centre (CLC) is located on our church property and run by hardworking volunteers. The purpose of the CLC is to assist families in our community. It provides free children's clothing and school supplies for families. Donations of clothing and school supplies are accepted at the Donation Drop Box by the front door of the CLC.  Clothing is available on Mondays, 9:30am-11:30am and Wednesdays, 6:30pm-8:30pm from September to June.  During the summer, clothes are available by appointment.  

  • Teen Challenge

    Teen Challenge is a 12-month, faith-based, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that is part of a network of over 15 Teen Challenge Centres across Canada and more than 1,000 worldwide. The program has a strong faith-based approach and offers spiritual, academic and vocational training that helps equip individuals to return to society as responsible citizens.

  • Masters College & Seminary

    MCS is the institution of choice in Eastern Canada for those seeking Pentecostal training to serve in Christian ministry.

Central america

  • Schools of Hope - Kathy Mizen

    Kathy Mizen is working with Schools of Hope in Tegucigalpa, Honduras as the Administrator, overseeing the ChildCARE Plus sponsorships, ERDO In School Feeding Program as well as other administrative duties.

  • seeds of hope - Tia barahona

    Tia and Salvador Barahona work with YWAM in San Salvador, El Salvador, specifically with the ministry Seeds of Hope. She believes that God will move in great ways, bringing affirmation and identity to the girls and boys that live there and finds creative ways to share the love of Jesus with them.

  • casa posibilidades - rick and lisa bursey

    Rick and Lisa Bursey are in Mexico, where they have partnered with in-country charity called  Back2Back Mexico and have spent many years working in the community among the poor with government workers, building the infrastructure that is allowed them to open an orphanage project in Linares.  Possibilities House or Casa Posibilidades, is a labour of love that sets a new standard for children’s homes in the Linares region and potentially nation-wide.


  • Reformission Europe - David & Eileen Courey

    Reformission: "The continual process of re-formation in which the church finds new ways to communicate biblical truths and Spirit-born life to an ever-changing culture." If you could rebuild the church from scratch... what kind of leader would you be looking for? Because that’s what’s happening in Europe. Today, Christianity is at its lowest ebb since the Reformation. In Belgium Evangelicals make up 1% of the population but that’s where the excitement is! Equipping leaders for the rebirth of the church in Europe and North Africa.

  • Loads of Love - Ed Dickson

    Loads of Love is new movement of caring people who have been commissioned to help abandoned children and forgotten seniors throughout the world. Right now the ministry is active in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Afganistan and China. Loads of Love is currently focused on three targets: helping orphans, reaching out of forgotten seniors, and sending messengers of light into dark places.

  • Kyrgyzstan - john & julie wright

    John and Julie Wright are involved in humanitarian work, building projects and providing scholarships to individuals in various communities in Kyrgyzstan.  They have a farm that helps people who have fallen through the cracks get a fresh start at life.  It also provides meat and vegetables to local orphanages, institutions and families in need.  The farm helps them invest in relationships of people they meet, specifically widows and orphans.  You can see more of their work at