Voltage Jr. High & Impact Sr. High

If you are in Grades 6-8, don't be left out of the fun! Thursday nights are built upon Bible-based teaching, helping our students make positive life choices that will set a great foundation of faith for their future, as well have fun with gym games and more. While we are in grey zone, we will be meeting online only. 

You can contact the Junior High leader, Chris Helps HERE. 

For Offsite Events, please fill out and bring this VOLTAGE REGISTRATION/WAIVER FORM. 

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If you are in Grades 9-12, you are invited to join IMPACT, a night of games, hangin' out and discussing tough questions about faith.

while we are in grey zone, we will be online only. Stay tuned for more information

You can contact the youth leader, Jamie Hiscox, HERE.

For any offsite events, please fill out this IMPACT YOUTH REGISTRATION/WAIVER FORM

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