Sunday Morning

Currently, we encourage you to meet us online for church on Sunday morning at 10:00 am through Facebook Live. Enjoy songs of worship and listen to a message that is based on the Bible! One Sunday service never looks like the previous week as we live by faith and let God lead.  If you haven't joined us for an online Sunday service yet, we would love to have you. Once we resume having Sunday services at NLA, we would love to have you join us in person as our guest. Below is a list of helpful information about typical Sundays. After reading through our tips, we would love to help you find answers if you still have questions.

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where & when?

421 Oozloffsky St. in the quaint town of Petrolia is a great place to be at 10:00am on a Sunday morning!  We aren't far from Petrolia Line. 


If you are a first time guest, we want you to have the best parking available!  Park at the front of the church and come in the main front doors.  If you have children 3 & under, you may want to use the back parking lot entrance so you'll be closer to the Nursery and Toddler Room.  The majority of people park behind the main building.

What's it like?

The first part of our service invites everyone to sing songs that are based on Biblical truths to encourage one another and respond to how the spirit of God works in our lives.  Kids up to Grade 5 are then dismissed from our service and we have various creative elements in worship.  Service is rarely the exact same as the week before.

One of our pastors will share a message from the Bible for about 30-40 minutes, using visuals and stories. There is an opportunity to receive prayer from a team that believes in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Many people enjoy Coffee Connect after the service, an informal social time that gives you a chance to meet someone new, drink coffee and eat treats before leaving. 

Little ones from birth to JK ages can be signed in at our Nursery and Toddler rooms as soon as you arrive. Children from grades JK-Gr.5 begin in the main service and are invited to attend our Kids' Church, Sunday S.L.A.M. (Students Living A Mission) after about 25 minutes. At the conclusion of the service, children can be picked up in the gymnasium or the Toddler/Nursery rooms.

What should i wear?

Some people like to wear business casual and others like to wear jeans.  We've never seen anyone show up in spandex and, if that ever does happen, we hope it's not Pastor Sam.

Is there food?

After the service, we encourage everyone to join us for "Coffee Connect".  Around 11:30am, we encourage everyone to head to the Fellowship Hall beside our main auditorium for an informal social time. Have a coffee, tea, and sweets and get to know someone while relaxing on a couch or connecting with someone at a table.

Will I be asked to give money?

An offering plate will be passed around but no one will pressure you to give. In fact, as our guest, we don't expect you to give anything. We do believe that financial support is part of being a committed church member. We are a family and want to make sure everyone's needs are being met! 

what if I need help?

There is a friendly team of volunteers ready to help with anything you need. They are identified with "Service Team" badges and can be found near the welcome desk or saying hello as you enter the building and the auditorium.