Generosity is an act of worship that expresses our gratitude, faith and love for others. God provides for the ministry of NEW LIFE ASSEMBLY

through your generosity. 

There can be significant tax benefits when gifting securities directly to a charity, as the CRA does not apply capital gains tax. 

For more information or to gift a security, email DONNA PIFFARD



    Using your online banking, mobile or desktop, you can easily set up your giving just like any payment.
    Click the button below to email accounting in order to setup Central as an online banking Payee.

    Note: This option is the most efficient and cost effective in helping New Life Assembly be good stewards of our resources


    If you would like to use your credit card or debit card for giving, please use the Donation button above or you can give in person using the Debit Machines at the church.

  • OFFERING DURING Sunday's Service

    During the Sunday church service, we have a designated time to give if you prefer to put it in the offering plate that is passed around.