NLA CO-ED Ball League Teams

Team 1: Parkway

Team 2: Brown

Team 3: Lalonde

Team 4: Bezanson

Team 5: Bluewater

Team 6: The Rock

Team 7: Covenant

Team 8: Cole

Team 9: Helps

Team 10: Lakeshore

Team 11: S.G. Derek


Take note:

  • Home team is the second team listed
  • During playoffs, home team is highest ranking team
  • 9PM games are under the lights; teams playing are required to turn lights on and off
  • Captains must text Tim Brown after your game to let him know the score of your game (519-331-3295)
  • Rain outs are called by 3pm, captains will notify team members and it will be posted on NLA church website (
  • Rain outs will be played the following Monday nights, same time, same diamond