Our Covid-19 reponse

Latest Covid19 Update from New Life Board of Deacons 

Thursday, October 15, 2020 this motion was passed

In accordance with our current understanding of the most recent Ontario Provincial mask mandate, issued on Friday, October 2, 2020, requiring that face masks be worn indoors at all public facilities, The Board of Deacons for New Life Assembly has decided that wearing a face mask would be mandatory for all person’s attending any indoor public gathering at New Life Assembly. Exemptions to this requirement as per the Ontario Provincial mask exemption guidelines.

If attending our in-person service please REGISTER HERE.

What precautions are being taken to make nLA gatherings as safe as possible?

New Life Assembly is continuing to take extra cleaning precautions at this time. This includes:

-Cancelling bookings, and modifying programs

-Wiping down all common touch points (ie. doors, light switches, countertops, etc) throughout the day with a certified disinfectant

-Topping up the hand sanitizers in common areas throughout the buildings

-Performing additional in-depth cleaning of our facility more often


When we meet again, in our Toddler and Nursery areas, after each gathering, our volunteers sterilize various surfaces and toys used by our children. We will continue to follow our standard health protocols, not admitting any child with an elevated temperature. A child must also be fever-free for 24 hours before coming to New Life Kids or our midweek kids programs (SLAM and VOLTAGE). You can help us by closely monitoring your child for any symptoms and being understanding if we cannot accept your children into our programs due to health concerns.

With any interactions you have with others, we continue to encourage everyone to take common sense precautions and consider creative interactions (like elbow bumping instead of hand shaking!).

How should i respond spiritually to the coronavirus (Covid-19)

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is yet one more reminder that we live in a fallen world of sickness, sin, suffering, and death. Ultimately, none of us are immune to any of these things. but that’s why the gospel is such good news. God has not left us alone in this world of sickness, sin, suffering, and death. He has come to us in the person of Jesus. The greatest news in all the world is that Jesus lived a life with no sin, died on a cross to pay the price for our sin, and rose from the grave in victory over sin and death. Now anyone anywhere who turns from their sin and trusts in Jesus will be forgiven of all their sin and restored to relationship with God forever. That means that through Jesus, we never have to fear sickness or death because we know we have eternal life with God.

If you do not know that you have eternal life with God, we urge you to put your faith in Jesus. And if you do know that you have eternal life with God, we urge you to share your faith in Jesus with others. Times like these remind us all of the fragility of life and the inevitability of death. So let’s spread the greatest news that death has been defeated and eternal life is available to all who trust in Jesus.

In addition to trusting in Jesus and sharing about Jesus with others, here’s some other ways you can respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • Trust in God as the good and sovereign Creator and Sustainer of life upon whom we all depend, and do not fear!  2 Timothy 1:7 reminds us that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, of power, and of a sound mind. Use wisdom and trust in Him.
  • Pray for mercy for the sick, strength for doctors, insight for researchers, and wisdom for officials.
  • Look for opportunities to love and care for others, whether they are sick, isolated, marginalized, poor, or oppressed. Check in on your neighbours!
  • Even if we are unable to gather at certain times, stay closely connected to the church family. A phone call can go a long way, and we encourage you to participate in online Bible Studies, online prayer meetings and online service available each Sunday morning at 10am.
  • Continue to faithfully give financial offerings online HERE,  by sending an e-transfer to accounting@newlifepetrolia.com, or by mail so that the ministry of the church thrives all the more in the midst of difficult days. Your generosity allows us to continue ministry to our community and our partners world-wide.

Reflect often on the brevity of life, the urgency of eternity, and the beauty of the gospel.