New Life Vision

BY FAITH the people of New Life Petrolia will be known as a vibrant, inclusive and impactful group of people. 

BY FAITH they believed they could place the blueprint of the Acts 2:42 church over the modern times in which they lived. 

BY FAITH they believed their best years were not behind them, but that God had saved the best until last. 

BY FAITH they believed that God, since the beginning, had set their lives and their church aside to do something remarkable, something that many believed was not possible, especially in a church in rural Canada.

BY FAITH this group devoted themselves to sound teaching, to each other, to a common vision and to prayer.

BY FAITH this group of people journeyed in community in such a way that God’s blessing was all over them.

BY FAITH hilarious generosity ruled the day, and they had incredible Kingdom impact locally, and globally. 

BY FAITH some of the greatest leaders of their time came from their numbers. 

BY FAITH they used their property and all that God had given them to connect and love their community.

BY FAITH they embraced what God had for them and joined with the heroes of faith found in Hebrews 11.

As a result of their faith, their numbers grew, and God did

amazing things in them, and through them, and they

honoured God, and joyfully celebrated Him whenever

they gathered together!

we are affiliated with THE PAOC

We are part of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), a Fellowship of over 1100 churches across our nation. Being part of this Fellowship means we align our values and doctrines with the statements found here. We believe we are God's people empowered by and dependent on the Holy Spirit to tell the life-transforming story of Jesus Christ.